Our services can be offered in an environment that best suits the needs of your child and family including in-home, school or our office setting.

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Anxiety in children and youth is currently one of the most significant mental health concerns faced by young people today. 1 in 5 children and youth will experience some form of mental health issue in their lifetime and 5 out of 6 will not receive the necessary treatment they need. Almost 50% of children and youth who experience anxiety will also miss substantial amounts of school. Wait times for public health services alongside the stigma for accessing treatment are two of the main barriers that children, youth and their families face in getting help.

Experiencing some worry is normal for every child but the difference between normal worry and anxiety is the degree of severity.  A child may need additional help if their anxiety is:

  1. Out of proportion to the situation
  2. Interfering in their every day life (ex. missing school, avoidance)
  3. Persisting over time

At The Social Work Consulting Group, we have an experienced team of social workers who have a vast and collective knowledge base of treating children and youth who are experiencing some form of anxiety in their life. Whether it is social anxiety, performance anxiety, separation anxiety, grief or trauma related anxiety or a generalized form of anxiety, the impacts on children and family remain the same. School refusal and absence, declining academic performance, changes in peer and family relationships and social isolation further add to the worry and anxiety that kids experience and the anxious cycle continues.

Anxiety is a symptom of an underlying story that has not been identified and/or expressed.  Changes in behaviours and mood are the symptoms and not the root problem.  The process of counselling offers the child/youth and their family to begin to learn and discover the untold story that is on the inside creating greater opportunities for growth and transformation.

MindCALM Program

MindCALM is a therapeutic program designed to assist you and your child/youth in overcoming the cycle of anxiety through education and the implementation of key strategies and tools to increase their resilience, coping capacity and overall emotional well-being.

Our program consists of 3 phases, typically occurring over 8-12 sessions.

  • Engagement and Assessment
  • Education and Treatment
  • MindCALM Mastery

Our treatment will be creatively tailored to each child and may include the following modalities:

  • Talk Therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Emotion Focused Family Therapy
  • Therapeutic play
  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques